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About Us

Blingtastic Apparel Designs started out as a retail company. We purchased rhinestone transfers, and made the shirts for our clients. This was working fine for a short period of time, and for those generic designs. However, we quickly found out all rhinestones are not the same quality. We tested transfers from different companies, and even tried to import them, but the quality just wasn't to our standards. In addition, our customers' requests became more and more specialized. Most of the requests we received were for custom work tailored to our clients' organization(s)need.

As our customer base grew, so did the requests to provide specialty transfers with much better quality than what we had purchased in the past. Because we were retail, we couldn't reduce our prices further and stay in business. In trying to meet our customers' needs, the delivery time left much to be desired. Even if we did find a good quality provider, the time to process and deliver was such that clients couldn't grow a reputable business.

We tried to make the transfers by hand initially, but couldn't keep up with the demand. It was then, after contemplating over the next few months, we decided to make the investment and purchase our first rhinestone setter. It was in that same year we would encounter many setbacks, but persisted in serving our many customers. Once we had good quality rhinestones, our customer base grew at a much faster pace. We were finally able to meet their specific needs in a timely manner.